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I’ve been working on my 3D spaceship again, and there are a few incremental changes you can see if you squint hard at the detail. This current spaceship project is quite different from any spaceship design I’ve ever done before. Usually I create spaceships with a traditional metal look. Most of these spaceships, for example, have the classic metal-panel look. The spaceships I usually do are at home in what many people call the used future.

Like very many of the posts on this site, this one is specifically designed to promote the new book I’m writing. It is called Sun Chaser and is the third book in a trilogy that started with a book called Galaxy Dog. I can’t really start promoting Sun Chaser yet, because I’ve only just started writing it, and I’m still on working on Chapter 3, but I can promote Galaxy Dog.

Every element of the book cover accompanying this post was created in Blender, even the text. It’s not the finished version of the book cover, but any changes will be tweaks and improvements rather than huge reimaginings. The book, when it appears will pretty much look like this, and I have the first chapter done, and I’m pretty happy about it. After a short prologue, the first chapter throws the two main characters - along with their robot friend and super-advanced spaceship - against the bad guys, the evil empire, right from the very first pages.

Here’s a post about just a tiny bit more work on the cover for my third book in the sci-fi trilogy I’m writing. As usual I’m working in Blender, the most amazing 3D suite out there, at least for free. Yay free! I started working on the lighting tonight. My theory of spaceship lighting requires just about all the light to come from light sources sprinkled about the hull of the spaceship itself.

I’ve done a little more work on the cover for my third book in the sci-fi trilogy I’m writing, and I’m working in Blender, as always. My Blend file is up to a megabyte in size, which means I’ve made quite some progress. I’m still watching Dark Matter as I work. Binge watching sci-fi and 3D spaceship design just seem to go together. I got a shock when Wil Wheaton aka Wesley Crusher turned up on the show.

I’ve done a little work on the cover for my third book in the sci-fi trilogy I’m writing, and it’s starting to look like something already after just a few hours work. I’m working in Blender, as always. Blender is a professional-grade (but free and open-source) 3D computer graphics software product used, among many other things, for creating 3D models. Blender’s features include 3D modeling, UV unwrapping, texturing, raster graphics editing, rigging and skinning, fluid and smoke simulation, particle simulation, soft body simulation, sculpting, animating, match moving, camera tracking, rendering, video editing and compositing.

I published City of Dragons a few days agaon, the thrid part in my fantasy trilogy, named the Dragons of Westermere. Having the fantasy trilogy out of the way means I can now turn my attention to the third book in my science fiction trilogy. The first task I’m turning my attention o is designing the cover. I want to have the alien, Drifter Ship, on the cover of the book, and so I have fired up Blender and I have started working on the 3d mesh for the eventual render.

Fantasy Trilogy

I have just published City of Dragons to my digital distributors, and it’s a good feeling. The book is done, complete, and now I just have to worry about making sure there are no problems in the files and that I do some kind of promotion of the book. It’s been a long slog since the start of the series, some years ago, but I always knew it would all come to this point, about 300,000 words later.


I have just written a post for Steemit, because I thought it would be easy money, yay. But now I’m not so sure. What I wrote was about how to make money on the Internet and quit your day job, even though, of course, I’ve never been able to amke enough money on the Internet to quit my day job. It seems Steemit is not the answer either, with the post I wrote attracting the grand total of, drum roll, zero dollars.

A couple of days ago, Draft2digital announced their newest promotional tool: Universal Book Links. Universal Book Links allow writers to share one link that a reader can use to find the book at their favorite store - whether that’s,,, Nook, or Anywhere the book is for sale, a reader can find it and buy it from just one link. The universal book link is a simple redirector.

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