Starbright Illustrations

Hello. I am Brett Fitzpatrick. I am a sci-fi and fantasy author of a slowly growing stack of books, most recently GALAXY DOG. I was born in the UK, near Newcastle, and I now live in Venice. I write novels and I also create the covers. Starbright publishes books, role-playing games and spaceship supplements, among other quality products.

Galaxy Dog is an epic space opera. What starts as an ordinary invasion of an alien planet, brings to light an ancient archeological site of huge importance. A young man called Knave makes a life-changing discovery there and rises from a lowly position as an infantry trooper to become a player among the powers of the galaxy. This is the story of his rise, and the story of the fierce and independent woman and the feisty robot who help him. It is also the story of a spaceship that can upset the balance of power across human space. A spaceship from an ancient time, built by aliens, and full of advanced technology. It is an action-packed, sci-fi page turner that goes in directions the reader just will not expect.

The Pet Dragon

My previous book was The Pet Dragon, and it is available from Amazon.