rpg cover with group of adventurers and dragon

New Universal Role-Playing Game

rpg cover with group of adventurers and dragon
The cover of the new game

I’ve been looking at the various rules sets that I have come up with to power the games that have been published here at Starbright, and there have been a few of them. There was the detail and damage tables of Realms 2nd edition, where swords clashed with armour, and the fast and furious action of Spaceward Ho! where entire space battleships are summed up in just a few lines of rankings.

I’ve tried to put the best of these games into a unified system that I can use in all my future role-playing game products. I’m calling it Multiverse Adventures.  It’s supposed to be a game that can be applied to any setting, like Fate or Savage Worlds, but it’s a little bit more ‘crunch’ with more numbers and fewer ‘aspects’.

There’s a little bit of new internal art too, including a magician.

Magician with flames shooting out of his hands.
Must use oven mitts next time.

The magic section of the game was one of the hardest parts. I wanted to boil the mechanics down to something very simple, but still have the ability to simulate the effects of magic and psionics from all sorts of settings, from fantasy to sci-fi.

character in armour
Nice hat.

The armour rules are also an area where I spent a lot of time thinking about whether to try to set things up so that a barbarian who didn’t bother with armour, the better to show off that rippling six-pack, wouldn’t be penalized too severely. Then I went back in the other direction, making armour a necessity for survival on the battlefield, then back, and back again. It’s a difficult balance to strike, and a fascinating challenge.


2 thoughts on “New Universal Role-Playing Game

  1. Does this change how much support you’ll be giving to Fate based games, in the future? I like seeing that you cover Fate with your various products, and have ported some of your back-catalog to Fate Core. I’d really like to see that continue.

    (I pretty much buy all of them, and not the DTRPG bundle versions, but the individual PDFs on DTRPG)

    1. You’ve got nothing to worry about. I love Fate. I’ve been a fan for a long time. My plan is that there will be two versions of each game in the future. A Fate version, but also a version with the new system too. I’m under no illusions that any game system I come up with will ever be as popular as Fate, and it would be crazy to stop supporting it.

      Thanks for your support :-)

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