Garage Door Repair

Garage doors require constant maintenance just like any mechanical device and are meant to be routinely checked. Manufacturers recommend regular professional inspection to ensure it’s properly functioning. Garage doors are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and to be used often each day, this is why it is recommended to have them checked regularly. With time and because of general use different parts of it may be broken or wear out more quickly than others.

Common problems with garage doors are normally caused by worn out tracks, bent or dented rollers, warped or rusted bearings, and/ or broken springs. However, sometimes mishaps happen such as with a garage door opener. Some of the first checks you must do on your garage door to identify possible problems are lubrication. Since the door usually opens and closes with the aid of an opener, it is difficult to notice the bolts of an opener on the riser. It is therefore wise to check the opener first before proceeding to the bolts. Once the opener is off, then check the bolts, cables, pulleys, the spring should be tight, and check the upper and the lower belt.

However, if problems still persist, check the screws of the upper brackets that fix the guides on the door. Door sections may also require quick attention to free up a riser from the floor. One can do this by utilizing a small strap or a simple strip of wood placed under the door to keep it ajar. One can also try applying a few drops of oil to the hinges and the tracks may require adjustment to their tension. Poor garage door repair might lead to inconvenience because this may bring the gate to a halt especially with heavy use. 

The best option for garage door repair is to get a professional to fix the problem especially if the repair involves major parts. Aside from serious problems with performance a regular check-up will be very helpful in reducing repair costs and ensures that your door lasts for a long time without any problems. So, call a repairman or have a professional look at your garage door for regular upkeep and maintenance.