The Benefits Of Wooden Flooring

In many parts of the US wooden flooring is the most popular type of flooring, and with good reason. In a world filled with carpeting and tile, wood offers an air of warmth and comfort. Wood flooring is versatile, allowing it to blend with nearly every decorating style. Solid, bare wood floors create a strong accent to rooms that are otherwise dominated by black and white. The appeal of wood is authentic and timeless. It can add warmth and depth to a home, yet still give it a contemporary feel.

In some ways, wood flooring is more versatile than carpet. For this reason, it can be placed in bedrooms, dens, kitchens and even living rooms. It is even used in high traffic areas – usually at your entryway. That’s because wood looks great painted or stained, but it also helps to create a warm, calming ambiance when woven with other materials. With solid color rugs, visual wall coverings and the right furniture, wood flooring creates a welcoming atmosphere in any room you want. 

Consider the warmth of wood underfoot in any room. It may be tempting to cover your floor with area rugs or textured materials, but wood offers a refreshing level of warmth and comfort that you don’t get with wall-to-wall carpeting. Potted floors such as cork or bamboo also help to soften edges between wood pieces. You can use these solid wood floorings between carpet lines to warm a room. Popular patterns for wood floors with a contemporary flair are designs created with wavy lines, zigzag or curving lines.

Wood is another kind of floor that’s versatile enough for almost any home. Wood looks classy, but also has a natural warmth that stone doesn’t. Try wooden options on the kitchen island to create a warm look. Or for a much softer feel, turn to carpeting. Wood and carpeting used differently can look exactly the same, so don’t be afraid to play with these two options a little bit before you make a final decision.